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The Salmon Egg Fly is a great roe pattern for waters that have spawning fish. This color will work in most conditions but is especially effective in

Pacific salmon eggs hi-res stock photography and images - Alamy

Translucent salmon egg clusters for clearwater fishing

Mike's Garlic Eggs are garlic-laced salmon eggs. Produced from real fish roe, graded for size and texture, and packed in garlic oil, they are perfect

Mike's Garlic Salmon Eggs Pink 1.1 oz Jar

Baked Eggs Alaska with Wild Alaska Pink Salmon

Chum Salmon Are Spawning in the Arctic. It's an Ominous Sign

The Fish Emission Eggs are deadly. Now with a Mottled Egg Drop bead they are even better. The bead is welded on the hook, a tuft of white skein is

Fish Emission Egg - Salmon Egg

Vital Choice ikura is premium salmon roe that's unpasteurized and cured in a custom 2.5% brine. Orange with a subtle rose hue, roe from pink salmon is valued for its sweet, mild taste and long shelf life. Delicious with sushi, avocado toast, scrambled or deviled eggs, blinis with crème fraîche, latkes with sour cream, cream cheese on rye bread, and more.

MSC Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon Roe Ikura - 17 oz 2 Trays | Vital Choice

Hand picked from late harvest king salmon, Pink Shrimp is our utmost quality egg in the Balls O' Fire line. These top of the line eggs are uniform in size, tightly graded, clean and large. There are no loose fragments of eggs in the jar. They are the highest quality egg available period. Pink Shrimp eggs are the perfect egg for the angler who is willing to spend more money for a better product.

Pautzke Balls O' Fire Pink Shrimp Salmon Eggs


Learn the Perfect Egg Cure For Great Lakes Salmon - Pautzke Bait Co

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