20pcs Size 2 Fishing 2x Kahle Hooks Nickel tackle Wide Gap Circle Catfish #2

By A Mystery Man Writer

Team Catfish Jack Hammer J Hooks are designed for serious anglers. Keep them in your tackle box and use them on your next fishing trip. These sturdy hooks feature an extremely sharp tip and a penetrating barb. Once fish take the bait, it is hard to let go. The multi-purpose black nickel hooks are corrosion-resistant. They are made with a wide gap construction for easy hook sets and can hold live or manufactured bait.

Team Catfish Double Action Hook 8/0, Black

Double Action Hook – Team Catfish

TEAM CATFISH DOUBLE ACTION RED, 1/0 5/0 and 8/0 sku002 – Big Red's Bait

Team Catfish Double Action Hook 8/0


Catfish Wide Gap Circle Hooks, Circle-K

Double Action Hook – Team Catfish

Circle Hooks Size 2 - 8/0 (Barbed) – Catfish-Pro Ltd

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp L142F Kahle Offset Hooks - Size 2/0

Hooks – Outdoor Shopping Channel

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