Pro Jigger Wire Core Twin Assist Hooks with Split Ring

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Never lose another Wahoo, Kingfish, or any toothy predator with our Wire Core Twin Assist Hooks. Johnny Jigs introduces the ultimate defense for your

Gamakatsu tuned assist HD is the newest addition to the assist hook line-up is for deep jigging, big fish. These heavy duty assist hooks come in two sizes, 8/0 and 10/0 with 270lb braided line. Both feature a solid ring at the top for easy and secure attachment to the jig.

Gamakatsu Tuned Assist HD (8/0)

Assembling Double Assist Hooks


Ocean's Legacy Ultra Split Rings in sizes #8 and #10 are ideal for outfitting Stickbaits and Poppers or giving yourself some added strength in your slow pitch jigging terminations. Forged with the highest quality Japanese Stainless Steel.Extreme strength coupled with ultra recoil rate. Straight cut terminations! For saltwater jigging and surface lure applications.Offset profile to reduce ring thickness and to ensure easy access for jigs and lures.

Ocean's Legacy Ultra Split Ring #8 (14pk)

VANFOOK Jigen Super Light Twin Assist Hook – Johnny Jigs

Pro Jigger Wire Core Twin Assist Hooks with Split Ring – Johnny Jigs

The BKK Sea Ranger+ is developed to tackle big fish using small bait. It comes pre-tied with BKK high quality solid core assist cord, which is very

BKK Sea Ranger+ Micro Assist Hook

JK 3PACK Wear Resistant Jigging Hook Steel Wire Jig Twin Assist

Fishing Assist Hooks with PE Line, Saltwater Jig

BKK Plugging Single HD Hooks 8/0

Assembling Double Assist Hooks

The Mustad 4X strong J-Assist5 Rig is designed for deep sea jigging. Featuring a heavy-duty Ocean Crystal Blue Kevlar loop tied to the wide gap Mustad

Mustad Ocean Crystal Single Jigging Assist Hook

Micro Runner – Johnny Jigs

BKK REEFMASTER HG Single Assist Hook – Johnny Jigs

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