Catfish Rattling Line Float Lure with Stainless Steel Beads for Targeted Channel, Blue, and Flathead Catfish 4-Pack

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Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality ABS materials, Stainless Steel Beads and Robust color coating These can withstand the pull of a big

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Catfish Lures PP-Seekers - Whisker Seeker Tackle

DESCRIPTION Sound heightens curiosity in fish and triggers investigation. These lures actually have sound frequencies that are harmonic, uniform and in tune with nature. This secret of sound combined with the legendary Rapala wobble is what make this lure so effective. Long-casting, lipless design makes this lure viable anywhere you can fish. Rip it fast or run it slow, either way it sounds like the dinner bell to fish. Features premium VMC black nickel hooks.

Rattlin' Rapala 07 Silver Gold

2pcs Rattle Catfish Rig Float Kit Fishing Bobbers+Fishing Swivels+Eagle Beak Barbed Hook+Soft Steel Leader Wire+Fishing Pin Set

Catfish Rig Floats - XL Rattler

WONDERSEE Catfish Rattling Line Float Lure with

Catfish Rattling Line Float Lure for Catfishing, Brazil

QUAD-SENSES: Appeals to sight, sound, smell, and instinct! With a loud rattle and visual cues, hesitant catfish strike when scent alone isn't enough.

Catfish Rattling Line Float Lure for Catfishing, Demon Dragon Style Peg for Santee Rig Fishing, 4 inch (3-Pack, Threadfin Shad)

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